Pornography and the Church

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What is the proper response of a Church to an individual struggling some way with pornography? I've seen pastors graciously guide young men in counselling and prayer, but I've also seen that counselling be ineffective. Sometimes other folks have told me that the ineffectiveness comes from tolerance or apathy, and the best cure is to hunt out and call down hypocritical Christians who would follow Christ but indulge in sensual pleasure--in this way I've see even a friend or two of mine humiliated and ruined. Something seems to be lacking in this second approach, as well.

What should the Church do when a person admits openly to having difficulty with pornography? What is the proper step for someone dealing with a pornography problem, in regards to his or her role in the Church? How should we as Christians respond to others who ask for help? How should we respond to others within our church circle who refuse to ask for help?

These are all sensitive issues, but this is one of the great unspoken problems of the Church, and I'm at a spot where I need some credible solutions for a variety of reasons. Any appropriate thoughts offered in the love of Christ are most welcome.

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