Ezra Chapter 8, The Journey, The People, The Treasure, G-d's Care, Safe Arrival & The Sacrifice

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In Chapter 8 of Ezra, The Leadership, hand picked men of Judah and Israel. Ezra Commission, to be Supreme Judge of Persian Law and Justice in The Satrap, of Beyond The River. Then to Execute and Enforce the Laws of Persia and The Torah with his Leadership, hand picked from Babylon.
Ezra8:1-14, Heads of Families returning to Judah.
Ezra8:15-20, The Leadership assemble, are examined, and given instruction.
Ezra8:21-23, Fasting and prayer for the journey to Judah.
Ezra8:24-30, The Appointment of Priests.
Ezra8:31-36, The Return.

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Thanks again Lee!!!

The following really blessed me, and so I just had to thank-you once again: "Seek G-d first, that's Torah, that's G-d's Way and His Kingdom will follow you everywhere you go." Gotta love it!!!!