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"Of the other two principal powers Reason and Will; and of the work of them
before sin and after."

Our author continues his analysis of the mind, or soul. In this chapter he describes reason and will, which he calls principle powers, and by which we discern and make our choices. He describes the working of both these powers as they functioned before and after original sin.

These few chapters, 62-66, summarize the knowledge of psychology (expressed in terms of his day) necessary to understand his continuing description of the exercise. The heading of chapter 67, where our author resumes his description of the exercise of The Cloud, is worth quoting here as pointing out his purpose and the importance of these chapters.

(Chapter 67:)
"That whoso knoweth not the powers of a soul and the manner of her working,
may lightly be deceived in understanding of ghostly words and of ghostly
working; and how a soul is made a God in grace."

So, these chapters are essential to our author's purpose. They're well worth many reflecftive re-readings, especially after having read the final chapters.

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