The Book of Ezra Chapter7, Artaxerxes Commission to Ezra, and his Return to Jerusalem

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In this next Chapter of Ezra we will find Ezra being sent back to Jerusalem by The Persian King Artaxerxes. In the opening verses Ezra's credentials as Priest are posted and are compared to Aaron's credentials as priest. Ezra is a scribe and well trained in the teachings of Moses.
Ezra's job will be to instruct the returnees in Torah. Verses, 1-10
Ezra's Letter of Commission by Artaxerxes is posted. Verses 11-26
Ezra's Prayer for more of Israel's Leadership to return. Verses 27-28

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Ezra 7:19-20, Artaxerxes informes Ezra, I Will Supply The Money

The interesting thing that is pointed out in "verse 19" from the Jewish Study Bible is the name that is used is "the vessels for service", That is referring to containers which contain something of importance for The Service of G-d's House and Ezra is to delivered The Vessels to "G-d" in Jerusalem.

Lets read the next two verses of Ezra 7,

V19 Also the articles that are given to you for the service of the House of Your G-d, deliver in full before The G-d of Jerusalem.
V20 And whatever more may be needed For The House of Your G-d, which you may have occasion to provide, pay [for it] from the king's treasury.

Now Artaxerxes is letting Ezra know that when he needs something more for the Temple of G-d, that the money already is there, in The Treasury of The King, waiting to be assigned.

What Matthew Henry's Commentary brings out on this money, that it probably is usury that The Persian Kings were paying back for having the gold and silver from Jerusalem and even The Temple in Persia's Treasury. That it was used to finance other things in the Kingdom over the time Judah was in Babylon and now the interest was also being given back to Ezra and Judah.