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Of the powers of a soul in general, and how Memory in special is a principal
power, comprehending in it all the other powers and all those things in the
which they work.

Here we enter the field of psychoanalysis. I think in the analysis of anything, there's more than one way to slice the pie. Reading ahead, it seems our author slices it as he does here to again offer help in recognizing deception. In this case, such deception as arises naturally from the nature of the mind. I think I remember Evelyn Underhill recommending Jung as applicable for mysticism. It might be helpful if someone "here" would relate our author's method of slicing the pie with that presented by Jung. Twenty five words or less, please.

But seriously, this is a portion of the topic where we need to be expecially careful of "definition of terms." The important point is to be aware of how our author is using his terms, and not to assume they're equivalent to these same words as they would be used by a twentieth or twenty first century psychology textbook writer.

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