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How a man may wit when his ghostly work is beneath him or without him, and when it is even with him or within him, and when it is above him and under his God.

This chapter seems to me to be an orientation in how the spiritual and physical realms relate. But I don't think it's so much to help us navigate between these realms - that seems to take care of itself somehow. His comment that the angels are even with us in nature is interesting. Other mystics have stated this as more a goal than a given fact. In the next few chapters, he's going to analyze how the mind functions.

How are we even with the angels? The word "angel" originally just meant messenger. It's only because it's been associated with the spiritual messengers in scriptural narration that the word has come to refer to them. We do have a commission from the Christ to proclaim the Gospel message, so we're surely "angels" in the original sense of the word.

After telling us what's above, what's at our level, and what's beneath us, our author urges us to put our efforts toward all that's above, namely, only God.

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