pilgrim's progress

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This is mainly for a discussion, but concerning Wayne McNamara's statements about the intense individualism of pilgrim's progress....initially i agreed partly because i been goin' thru some conviction about some possibly gender related male self-sufficiency things and and having a real care and concern for the fellowship that has really been different for me feeling this love for the church and God bless everyone and meet every need....again this is different for me being like ..i've got to be accountable for my own actions.....i'm going to stand before the Lord and give an account for myself....you can't really depend on anyone else......all of which is partly true, but somehow the numerous scriptures about the ministry of the body or corporate worship and the role of fellowship has taken a back seat in my life........

but recently reading pilgrim's progress again, it seems the intense individualism is all in part 1. That would be one guy mainly plogging along on his own and his personal encounters. Christian finds Faithful almost not as a brother but just another temporary encoounter. Part 2 tho Mr. Bunyan seems to correct his mistake and we have not only Christiana and Mercy but 4 young uns and it seems the purpose is to get a whole bunch of folks to go with....Mr. Great-heart, Mr. Valiant for Truth, Gaius, Mnason some wives for the boys who must have growed up along the way.....so i think the book is worthy of the word classic.....it overcomes beautifully its chief deficiency. i gotta confess ...until the battle with appollyon i did have to speed read some of the longer discourses also with Grace abounding to the chief of sinners. alfador