The Book of Ezra Chapter 4, Opposition by The Elamites

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Most of this Chapter will cover the opposition who see this new threat of power which The Jews seem to have as they work on the restoration of The Temple with Cyrus,Xerxes and Artaxerxes. Work comes to a stop until the Second year of reign of Darius, King of Persia.

Names like Bishlam, Mithredath, Tabbl, Rehum, Shimshai, The Elamites, those whom Osnappaar deported to Sumaria are now causing a slow down in Jerusalem with the restoration of The Temple.

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Ezra 4:18-19, This City in former times has Revolted

What we will be reading next is a continuation of the letter sent from the Persian King Artaxerxes to The Elamites, Rehum and Shimshai. It is sometime during the time of Nehemiah, who was The Kings Cup bearer in Susa.

Lets read the next two verses in Ezra 4,

V18 The letter which you sent to us has been clearly read before me. V19 And I gave the command, and a search has been made, and it was found that this city in former times has revolted against kings, and rebellion and sedition have been fostered in it.

So we know now that the files were found and read from The Assyrian and Babylonian Chronicles. All of the revolting, rebellion and sedition were found to be fostered by the Yehud(Judah) and they will try to assert their independence and lead others as an example of how it is done.

So what is happening within this inserted time warp of Aramaic Diplomatic Communication back and forth from Samaria to Persia. It looks to me like The New Persian King Artaxerxes is trying to put the blame for all this missed information just discovered on The Dead Persian King Cyrus and overlooks what Cyrus had said he was sending the Jews back to their homeland for, to build a House for G-d.