The Book of Ezra Chapter 4, Opposition by The Elamites

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Most of this Chapter will cover the opposition who see this new threat of power which The Jews seem to have as they work on the restoration of The Temple with Cyrus,Xerxes and Artaxerxes. Work comes to a stop until the Second year of reign of Darius, King of Persia.

Names like Bishlam, Mithredath, Tabbl, Rehum, Shimshai, The Elamites, those whom Osnappaar deported to Sumaria are now causing a slow down in Jerusalem with the restoration of The Temple.

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Learning From Others Mistakes

Djacque and Class,

What makes History so special is to see the different cultures of The World rise and fall, and then to discover that each one had the same problems.

Most of The History of The World has done this same thing time and time again. People will keep doing that same repeat of history till they try G-d's Way of Life!

All societies no mater who they are or where they live will come to this same end if they follow the "deceiver of man". As those nations of man, from the beginning of time, archived damnation from G-d through Noah's Flood so also will those who follow this same pattern of disregard for G-d and His plan and purpose so also will fail.

G-d's Justice may not come in quite the same way as Noah's Flood archived, but just the same, G-d has a special way of working all things out for His Honor and Glory.

There are many more examples in G-d's Word to extend this discussion with a repeat performance, but It is not my intention to labor on such demonstrations of G-d's power and might.

Ours is to seek The Kingdom of G-d and His Rightousness.