The Book of Ezra Chapter 4, Opposition by The Elamites

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Most of this Chapter will cover the opposition who see this new threat of power which The Jews seem to have as they work on the restoration of The Temple with Cyrus,Xerxes and Artaxerxes. Work comes to a stop until the Second year of reign of Darius, King of Persia.

Names like Bishlam, Mithredath, Tabbl, Rehum, Shimshai, The Elamites, those whom Osnappaar deported to Sumaria are now causing a slow down in Jerusalem with the restoration of The Temple.
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Dear Lee,
Thank you very much for the information, it was me who asked for a timeline earlier on, it is much appreciated. I'm by nature inquisitive, maybe that's why I chose the sciences, but I have a deep need to know what is going on in the Bible world, if I may use that expression.

I posted twice on the FUEDS between brothers, half-brothers, cousins and nephews, I see Djacque has picked that up.

Actually, it is small wonder, family feuds tend to get nasty. And, they all originated from the "fertile crescent" if I have that correct, so that even Darius and Artaxerxes were in some way related to the Israelites. Or am I wrong in that assumption?

Love in our Lord,


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