The Book of Ezra Chapter 4, Opposition by The Elamites

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Most of this Chapter will cover the opposition who see this new threat of power which The Jews seem to have as they work on the restoration of The Temple with Cyrus,Xerxes and Artaxerxes. Work comes to a stop until the Second year of reign of Darius, King of Persia.

Names like Bishlam, Mithredath, Tabbl, Rehum, Shimshai, The Elamites, those whom Osnappaar deported to Sumaria are now causing a slow down in Jerusalem with the restoration of The Temple.

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Ezra4:9-10, More of the same thing

What we will see in this next reading of Ezra is a list of all those people with complaints against the Jewish People who are returned to their homeland to build Cyrus King of Persia a House for G-d. Lets read Ezra 4:9-10,

9 From Rehum the commander, Shimshai the scribe, and the rest of their companions -- [representatives] of the Dinaites, the Apharsathchites, the Tarpelites, the people of Persia and Erech and Babylon and Shushan, the Dehavites, the Elamites, 10 and the rest of the nations whom the great and noble Osnapper took captive and settled in the cities of Samaria and the remainder beyond the River -- and so forth.

This seem to be a form of legal presentation to The King of Persia by The Representatives altogether from all of the re-located peoples Osnapper placed in and around Judah.

I have listed the names and did a search, so here is what I came up with.

Apharsathchites, is not the name of a tribe, but is the title of certain officers under Darius, King of Persia.

Dinaites, A people settled in the city of Samaria by Osnappar(Assurbanipal). The identification is uncertain as to where they were originally from.

Tarpelites, means ravishers; succession of miracles. Various theories have been advanced as to the identity of the Tarpelites. Rawlinson suggested the Tuplai, which name appears in the inscriptions as equivalent to the Greek Tibarenoi, a tribe on the coast of Pontus. Hitzig located them in Tripolis in Northern Phoenicia. The latest theory emends the text to Tiphceraya’," tablet-writers" (from the Assyrian dup sarru); compare Schrader, Schrader, The Cuneiform Inscriptions and the Old Testament, on Jer 51:27.

Erech, is a Hebrew name, ארך, meaning 'to extract, or draw out'. It was an ancient city in the land of Shinar. The Book of Jubilees 9:3 identifies that the land of Shinar was allocated to Asshur, second son of Shem, and these Kings are associated with Nineveh in the northern part of Mesopotamia.

Babylon, about 85 kilometers(55 mi) south of Baghdad. All that remains of the original ancient famed city of Babylon today is a mound, or tell, of broken mud-brick buildings and debris in the fertile Mesopotamian plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in Iraq.

Shushan, Susa(Persian: شوش Šũš), was an ancient city of the Elamite, Persian and Parthian empires of Iran, located about 250 km (150 miles) east of the Tigris River.

Dehavites, Jewish Encyclopedia, The Dehavites are mentioned among the peoples settled in Samaria who opposed the reconstruction of the Temple at Jerusalem (Ezra iv. 9). Whether the Dehavites are to be connected with a nomadic Persian tribe, the Δήοι, mentioned by Herodotus (i. 125), or with the name of the city of Du'-va, mentioned on Assyrian contract tablets, is doubtful. The Septuagint reads, in codex A, Δαυαῖοι ("the Davæans"), but in codex B the reading is Σουσυναχαῖοι oἰ εὰσίν, which means "the Susamchites who are the Elamites," taking the word translated "Dehavites" as a verb.

Elamites, they are called the offspring of Elam, eldest son of Shem(Genesis 10:22), Parthians, Sagartians, Margians, Bactrians, Sogdians were also names which the Southwestern Susana part of Persia were also known as.

So what we know of the peoples writing the accusation is, they were all relocated from within The Assyrian Empire. They were all unhappy over Judahs' ability to return to It's Native Homeland, while they were still many miles away from theirs. They all had some knowledge of the history of The Jews and would use it to try and defeat them with many law suits of accuation.