1 Corinthians 3:15 -but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire

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For Catholics the answer is Purgatory.

What is the answer for Protestants?

1 Corinthians 3:15
If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.

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Dan said: "The power of

Dan said:

"The power of binding and loosing was given to the Church, of which Peter was only one member. In fact, he was just one of the many living stones that make up the Church. This is found in 1 Per 2:1-10 where Peter speaks of the priesthood of all belivers and refers to Christians as living stones. Peter makes absolutely no reference to himself as being pope or having keys to life/death or being the Rock of the Church. No mention is made of the other doctrines that surround keeping people in sin so their loyalty is assured – just forgiveness freely given with the only expectation being that of passing the behavior along."

jwmcmac comments:

Being only one stone is not so important unless the LORD says . . .

. . . "Peter, thou art Rock and upon this Rock I will build my Church. And the Gates of hell shall not prevail against It."

Peter does not have to make reference to himself in this manner . . . as the LORD already had done it.

And . . . oh my goodness . . . your language and choice of words is so very poor . . . you saying . . .

. . . "No mention is made of the other doctrines that surround keeping people in sin so their loyalty is assured"

Oh, yeah . . . that's what the intention of the Church is . . .

Wow . . . that's a good one. I'm laughing 'with' you ? Very interpretive of you.


Dan said:

"Since the pope can allegedly apply plenary indulgences, why, for the sake of Christian charity, does the pope not empty purgatory through plenary indulgences? Why does he not apply plenary indulgences for to everyone and get everyone out of that state ??? This was a valid question asked about 500 years ago, and it has never been answered."

jwmcmac comments:

Dan, don't you read anything we write? . . . without 'adding' to it your own bias and mis-understanding?

We Catholic Followers of CHRIST . . . work out our salvation . . . in Fear and in Trembling . . . and in this working . . . the Church can 'apply' our Sacrificial works and penances done in Union with CHRIST's One only acceptable Sacrifice . . . applying our works together with CHRIST's infinite Merits in a meritorious manner to the souls of the departed, if they are not already in Hell . . . if they are in Purgatory instead . . . if we do so in a proper way of doing . . . we leaving it up to GOD to judge this.

The souls in Purgatory are in that 'Night when no man worketh' since they have died and passed from this Life . . . they not being able to help themselves in any way . . . until the last penny for their temporal punishments has been paid . . . but they being none-the-less still able to pray for and help us who remain in this Life . . . this being a mutual exchange of aid between the Communion of the Saints in the Church Suffering (the souls in Purgatory) and the Church Militant (the souls still living on Earth).

I know you don't understand this . . . but it is more that you don't believe this . . . I'm not sure why you can't, don't or won't understand this . . . as it is not that difficult to grasp . . . even if you don' accept it. You do not have to accept it. You have a free will.

But don't misinterpret, if you please.

Maybe, you just can't help it.

GOD Bless us all.