The Book of Ezra, Chapter 2, The Jewish People Returned

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Most of Chapter 2 of Ezra gives The Family Name and the number returning to Judah.

"Usually" in Semitic culture, only the males are recorded in the number given. So we can probably figure that the number can be then multiplied by the average family size of the day and come somewhat close to the exact number of people going back to Judah.

"Women and children" were never counted in amount of numbers, but just referenced to. Some women never marry, and some do not have children.

Most Jewish Males were expected to marry and have children. Even those in Religious service were expected to have one wife. But that usually is not and exact Science.

Lee Ostrander, Group Manager, The Minor Prophets

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The Mystery of G-d

Everything G-d does is a Mystery. There is not one person that knows what G-d does. But He reveals Himself through Holy Men with The Prophetic.

We are given direction and purpose through The Prophetic by G-d.

So just as we use The Word of G-d today to see the Way we are to go. So also G-d used Holy Men of Old to give a Prophetic Word to those who were seeking Truth and Righteousness in their day and time.

This Holy Man of G-d was The High Priest in here in The Book Ezra. They needed G-d's direction in knowing which way they were to go in selecting their food from the offering. So with no way to do this they were in a pickle and needed to hear from G-d.

So just as Isaiah spoke in The Prophetic from The Heart of G-d about a New Covenant, Isaiah 42:6, for a Light of the Gentiles. Isaiah also revealed The Suffering Servant of G-d in The Prophetic, Isaiah 53, who would be this Light of The Gentiles. Both were and are still missed by scholars of the Tanakh and Talmud today, another pickle. In Isaiah's time they had the Urim and Thummim

Even with the Urim and Thummim they missed The Prophetic Words of Jeremiah speaking of turning from their wickedness and having their "Heart" seeking G-d, not their selfish, self-seeking desires which were Not From G-d. They ended up in a pickle, Babylon.

Doing it right, is nice, but to Seek G-d is better than being in a pickle.