The Book of Ezra, Chapter 2, The Jewish People Returned

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Most of Chapter 2 of Ezra gives The Family Name and the number returning to Judah.

"Usually" in Semitic culture, only the males are recorded in the number given. So we can probably figure that the number can be then multiplied by the average family size of the day and come somewhat close to the exact number of people going back to Judah.

"Women and children" were never counted in amount of numbers, but just referenced to. Some women never marry, and some do not have children.

Most Jewish Males were expected to marry and have children. Even those in Religious service were expected to have one wife. But that usually is not and exact Science.

Lee Ostrander, Group Manager, The Minor Prophets

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Ezra 2: 23 The men of Anathoth, a hundred and twenty-eight.

On the men of Anathoth I found the following.

The town Anathoth was assigned to the Levites. Jos 21:18 , in the territory of Benjamin. It was the native place of the prophet Jer (Jer_1:1; Jer_11:21).

It commands a spacious outlook over the uplands to the North, and especially to the Southeast, over the Jordan valley toward the Dead Sea and the mountains of Moab. There is nothing to shelter it from the withering power of the winds from the eastern deserts (Jer_4:11; Jer_18:17, etc.). (Int Standard Bible Encyclopedia)

From the history of Anathoth we learn the following. God through the prophet Jeremiah warned them against their sins. They were mainly accused of delivering false prophecy. They were also seeking the life of Jeremiah. Jeremiah prophesized that they will be severely punished and destroyed. Jer 11:21 – 23.

It suffered greatly from the army of Sennacherib (Easton Bible Dictionary) Anathoth was laid waste and continued a heap of ruins.

But God also promised restoration and the rightful heirs will receive their inheritance after the exile. Jer 32: 6 – 15.