The Book of Ezra, Chapter 2, The Jewish People Returned

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Most of Chapter 2 of Ezra gives The Family Name and the number returning to Judah.

"Usually" in Semitic culture, only the males are recorded in the number given. So we can probably figure that the number can be then multiplied by the average family size of the day and come somewhat close to the exact number of people going back to Judah.

"Women and children" were never counted in amount of numbers, but just referenced to. Some women never marry, and some do not have children.

Most Jewish Males were expected to marry and have children. Even those in Religious service were expected to have one wife. But that usually is not and exact Science.

Lee Ostrander, Group Manager, The Minor Prophets

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Good Research, the "Urim and Thummim" from Unger's

I was going through sever different references on The Destruction of Jerusalem's Temple, But didn't catch this.

Urim and Thummim, these plural Hebrew words which translate Lights and Perfections. Urim, אוּרִים (Urim) has traditionally been taken to derive from a root meaning lights, as a city of lights. Thummim is derived from a consonantal root of Thumm, The Hebrew which is: תּמִם (t-m-m), meaning faultless. and was incorporated into the Breastplate which the High Priest would wear inside The Temple of G-d in Jerusalem. Other words for this are, revelation and truth or doctrine and truth

The Ark and The Brest plate of The High Priest were not on the list. The Fire was not taken and G-d's Shekinah Glory was gone when Nebuchadnezzar's Army went into The Temple.

The Brest plate was Iron backed Gold plating fixed with 12 jewels, one for each tribe. The High Priest would use a method of attaching the Urim and Thummim inside the Brest Plate and when need for special derived information from G-d, or inquired of God, would pull out one symbol. This would give The High Priest direction. This is called Cleromancy, and is like the drawing of lots. This method of correctness is used throughout the Bible. Urim and Thummim is a form of random selection.

Different coded cards were suspected to be used for this.

Lux et Veritas are the Latin translation of The Hebrew words which mean Light and Truth, but are not using the plural translation as The Hebrew did. It seems to be used today as a motto of Indiana University and University of Montana. It is also used on the Yale University coat of arms.