The Book of Ezra, Chapter 2, The Jewish People Returned

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Most of Chapter 2 of Ezra gives The Family Name and the number returning to Judah.

"Usually" in Semitic culture, only the males are recorded in the number given. So we can probably figure that the number can be then multiplied by the average family size of the day and come somewhat close to the exact number of people going back to Judah.

"Women and children" were never counted in amount of numbers, but just referenced to. Some women never marry, and some do not have children.

Most Jewish Males were expected to marry and have children. Even those in Religious service were expected to have one wife. But that usually is not and exact Science.

Lee Ostrander, Group Manager, The Minor Prophets

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Quote from Unger on Things Missing

In searching some reference books, using the term "Urim and Thummim," I found ran across this:

The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary, "The Temple of Zerubbabel":

"According to the Talmud this Temple lacked five things that were in Solomon’s Temple, namely, the Ark, the sacred fire, the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, and the Urim and Thummim."

This loss would be enough to break the heart of any Jewish priest that had served in Solomon's Temple and known the presence of God there!