What is Sin?

I've heard so many competing definitions, and I'd really like to have a solid answer--what is sin?

Can Christians live above it?
Are Christians forgiven when they do it?
Do Christians lose salvation when they commit it?

If you've a good answer, please share it.

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jqlogan said:"Is that a

jqlogan said:

"Is that a valid answer? Haven't men who cannot read hearts elected these persons to sainthood? I think the fear that someone may mess up after being elected to sainthood has prevented anyone to be elected while still living. Even secular powers hesitate to name highways and buildings after living people and this, I believe, is from fear of the legacy which may afterward come."

jwmcmac comments:

What are you afraid of?

Saint John the Baptist is in Heaven.

Saint Joseph is in Heaven.

Saint Mary is in Heaven.

Other saints are in Heaven.

The Church is simply declaring that these people attained the Sanctity necessary to get to Heaven. Of course you don't Believe the Church has this ability, so you would not pay it any mind . . . you questioning everything concerning the Church's authority . . . while giving yourself more authority than you allow Her.

The Church only rules in these matters of Sainthood when at least one or two miracles has been determined to have occured through the intercession of these people who have been declared a Saint (already in Heaven).

The Saints may not have always been Saintly in their actions . . . such as Saint Augustine was very sinful before his conversion . . . but through conversion in CHRIST . . . they ended their Lives in GOD's Grace and leading an exemplary Life . . . of heroic Virtue and Sacrifice for The Name of the LORD . . . or . . . perhaps they died for the Faith through Martyrdom . . . none of them died cursing their enemies . . . but more than likely . . . they died praying for their enemies.

Even some Protestants Believe in Saints.

Mary is the best example.

John the Baptist is another.

Saint Joseph is another.

Not all Saints are created equal.

They are all different.

Many of the Saints were declared Saints by the Church only upon and after a great and rigorous investigation by the Church . . . and then it is only the Saintly part of their Lives which is held up as being 'great' and 'Holy' and . . . worthy of imitation . . . and it is only in Union with CHRIST through their imitation of CHRIST's Own Virtues . . . which HE had them all . . . whereas a Saint may exemplify one or more of those Virtues which CHRIST possesses in full.

Anyway, I sometimes wonder . . . why do you ask such a question? You seem to show very little evidence that you really want to learn anything from my answers . . . and it seems that you are always looking for any hole you think you can find in the Church's armor . . . but not seeming to understand or hear what has already been said.

Disagreeing is one thing. Mis-understanding or not hearing is something else.

I think this may be why you have a great difficulty even understanding what we are saying sometimes.

But if your questions are genuine and sincere and of Good-will . . . I will continue answering them based upon my Hope that this is so . . . and that one day you may actually understand . . . if not actually Believe . . . what the Church tells you as to JESUS . . . because I Believe that Scripture says that She and HE are One . . . and, yes, I Believe this refers specifically to the Catholic Church . . . She and HE Being One . . . both in this Life and in the Life of the World to come.

I know, that's my Belief . . . not yours . . . though I Believe I have proven it and so have others and that no other course makes much sense . . . for there being such a Church as being One with CHRIST, whether invisible or visible . . . the Catholic Church fulfilling both of these . . . in Her Sacramental Nature.

There are questions which want to trip up . . . as the Jews with CHRIST . . . and there are questions which want to learn from the person they are questioning . . . which these latter questions are the better questions . . . and more worthy of Christians, right?

Maybe we are all a bit guilty of the bad type of questions from time to time.

It's not about winning the argument, is it?

It's about the Truth.

Keep on asking . . . and try to understand. I will too.

GOD Bless you and us all.