What is Sin?

I've heard so many competing definitions, and I'd really like to have a solid answer--what is sin?

Can Christians live above it?
Are Christians forgiven when they do it?
Do Christians lose salvation when they commit it?

If you've a good answer, please share it.

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jqlogan said: "I was

jqlogan said:

"I was thinking, now where does the Catholic church believe souls are before they go to hell that another person can do penance for their sins? Ah, Purgatory. Therefore, I was sure you were referring to praying for the dead."

jwmcmac comments:

You should know better by now.

If in Hell, there is no prayer which will do any good.

If in Purgatory, they will eventually be in Heaven . . . so I was not referring to those in Purgatory either . . . but was referring to those in jeopardy of going to hell . . .

. . . I was referring to those who are alive at this moment and who are in jeopardy . . . due to their 'un-repented' sins . . . of going to hell because . . . neither they . . . nor anyone else . . . is offering prayers to Heaven . . . in CHRIST's Name . . . in praying for them.

GOD Bless us all.