What is Sin?

I've heard so many competing definitions, and I'd really like to have a solid answer--what is sin?

Can Christians live above it?
Are Christians forgiven when they do it?
Do Christians lose salvation when they commit it?

If you've a good answer, please share it.

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Jesus erases Sin

Peace Be With You,


I really like this question and I can honestly say I know what you mean as far as the "living in fear" part of your comment. The simple answers found for the following:

Sin is anti Love

1. YES, do what He said to do, "Deny oneself pick up your cross and follow Him".

2. Yes, when failure occurs, ask Him to forgive "Repent" means to turn away. The woman at the well is a good example of what turning away is. (parapharse) "go forth and sin no more".

3. Depends on if they don't repent, sin multiples as time goes by example: a person strikes another...makes an excuse for doing it...time passes...does it again makes a bigger excuse for doing it...time passes...then kills someone and makes even a bigger excuse. Now, only if the person had repented the first time, maybe then the cycle would have stopped.

This all comes down to TRUST and the one to trust is Jesus, a good thought to keep in mind is simply:
"Jesus I Trust in You"

I like jwmcmac comments, he can say things much better than I.

It seems that we must always keep in mind that Jesus is the good shepard and we are just dumb sheep that need a shepard and He is the one.

May the Peace of Christ be with You,