What is Sin?

I've heard so many competing definitions, and I'd really like to have a solid answer--what is sin?

Can Christians live above it?
Are Christians forgiven when they do it?
Do Christians lose salvation when they commit it?

If you've a good answer, please share it.

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Justin said: "Sometimes I

Justin said:

"Sometimes I wonder if maybe this is the answer to the problem of sin--losing our individual identities within the eternal identity of Christ. There's a cross for you ;) Do we then cease to exist? Or do we redefine our mortal existence?"

jwmcmac comments:

I like that 'redefining' our 'existence' in CHRIST.

Somehow, GOD has made Living Creatures with Free-will to be members of HIMSELF, by Grace, in CHRIST in the Love of the HOLY SPIRT according to the FATHER's Divine Will . . . and we will never want to be anywhere else again but in HIS Chaste and Loving Embrace . . . and One with HIM.

We will be entirely and completely and deeply in Love with GOD.

Our 'Relationship' with GOD in CHRIST will be so 'intense' and so 'complete' and so 'One' that we will be perhaps as close or closer than the most intimate 'Marriage' that ever existed on this earth . . . that of Joseph and Mary . . . an entirely 'Chaste' Marriage . . . a perfect image and likeness to the that of the HOLY TRINITY.

I know you don't understand or may not agree with all of that . . . but . . . you know what I mean.

GOD Bless us all.