What is Sin?

I've heard so many competing definitions, and I'd really like to have a solid answer--what is sin?

Can Christians live above it?
Are Christians forgiven when they do it?
Do Christians lose salvation when they commit it?

If you've a good answer, please share it.

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malapropism? I never heard of such a word. I just type, so you know, and try not to worry too much about the typos. I have a hard time typing in the first place.

sin is transgression of the law, sure, but it is more than that. If I were to get philosophical I would say sin originates in self-awareness and the ability to judge, which is not part of Adam's repertoire (see I have big words too) before the Fall. Adam becomes a creature separate from God's plan, because he analyzes God's plan and decides he does like some bits. "Who told you you were naked?"

The law is an effort to stop people from sinnning but laws can't make people righteous like you said. so the trick is uniting with God through Christ, no longer separate. Currently we are putting the world back in order etc and the idea is fixing the stupidity of stupid people ignoring God.

Love God and neighbor--recognize origin and similitude. Therein is no sin. Obey this and the 10 commandments are totally irrelevant.