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Forum Posting Policy Updated 7/6/2017

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There will be no abusive or insulting language towards other people, denominations, or sects.
My job is to insure that the threads do not become hostile or the posts become personal attacks. Remember brother/sister this is a Christian library, a place for research, the gaining of understanding, increasing of wisdom, and yes, maybe an epiphany. People of other than Christian beliefs are welcome, but this is a Christian library. And as with any library that merges many cultures there must be understanding and respect. I reiterate that I will not allow attacks in the forums against other posters or denominations/sects. It is not our job to point fingers because we think the other person is wrong. At the Sr Moderator's sole discretion, flexibility will be permitted in the discussion forums to allow the thorough discussion of a topic. The Moderator will monitor these discussions to assure they do not become overly inflammatory and hostile.

Vulgar and obscene language or nick names will not tolerated at any time. Granted some words are on the borderline in which case I will check context and the reaction of other posters. The poster of vulgar/obscene language will be corrected. Members with vulgar/obscene nick names will be asked to change.

A poster will be warned for posts that are, hostile or degrading towards people/denominations/sects, inappropriate for these forums, or uses language that is inappropriate. The posts will be deleted or edited, and the poster's behavior redirected consistent with this posting policy. Refusal to moderator redirection will result in account blocking for a persiod of time. Continued bad language/nick names, insulting of other members and their religions, or hostility will result in banning of the poster. Banning denies you the ability to access the book-side as well as the forums.

Understanding and patience need to be used at all times.
Let me point out that some of our Sisters and Brothers, while they may be communicating in English, they may have a difficult time understanding what we, who grew up speaking english, are saying. And, of course, what they might be writing might not be what they intended to communicate. I ask that the utmost understanding and respect be extended to those that are having some difficulty with communicating in english. If you are confused about what is being said, please ask for clarification. Practice the spirit of patience.

If you are having a hard time writing your posts, please ask for help. There are many people here that will be happy to help you. All we ask is that you be willing to learn.

Remember this is a Chritian library not a debate club or formal debate arena. At the same time, it is reasonable to expect a person with a position to have done some reasonable level of research that allows that poster to inform others what/why they believe.

I want to reassure all teens that they are indeed welcome to browse the books and post on the forums.
In most cases their nicks will not indicate their age. I expect all here here to behave in a manner that will encourage all users to feel welcome here, and, indeed, feel safe. This is God's work let us be sure that all who visit feel that spirit. Remember that nick that you are exchanging posts with might be a new Christian, a seeker looking for God, or a teen looking for honest conversation about Christ.

No forcing your version of Christianity on other people.
Brothers and Sisters we all have our denominations and most of us are enthusiastic about those denominational beliefs. There is a fine line between enthusiasm and hostility.

Use the contact links only to send personal messages or for agreed upon communications.
The contact links are not to be used as missionary resources to spread your version of Christianity. I will not tolerate misuse of this site or the harassment of posters for any reason.

Posters will not advertise
This is not a forum to advertise your product, services, or Web site selling products or services. If you want to advertise on CCEL then contact the CCEL staff, talk to them about advertising and fee structures. Your account will be blocked or deleted if you do advertise. This policy also applies to your "signature" line.

If anyone has problems with another poster please feel free to email me and I will work to resolve the problem. If you are in a study group, please email your study group leader first. After that, my virtual door is open and I have the final say. My decision will be based largely on this posting policy not any person's interpretation of what "Christian" means in the term Christian library.

Above all my brothers and sisters please use wisdom and understanding and Christian love.