Religious Extremism in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is known for religious tolerance mainly between Christians and Muslims for several years. This case was even surprising that Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) used to favorite to the Muslims in order to portray their hatred and stigma to evangelicals. This happened for many years for the reason that EOC Christians have negatively thought that Evangelicals are antagonistic to their stand that Mary the mother of Jesus is their intercessor before God and all prayers have to be addressed to her or other accompanying saints. EOC Christians were fervently negative extremists on those of evangelicals not only on spiritual aspects but also social.

Recently, Muslims have proclaimed that they are overriding in number; which in turn they have used as a means to demand the Ethiopian government to be allowed for the “Sheria Governance”. The government has conducted a National census in response and has officially informed that Christians are still the dominant number in the country. Then, Muslim extremists have tried to attack a number of EOC Christians and churches. They tried to snatch microphones from the teaching/preaching priests and tried to declare “Allah Wakber!” inside the church. They tried to do this even in one of evangelical Churches. Their decision was to make Ethiopia an island of Muslims.

After this, things were dramatically changing. The lifelong friendship of EOC to Muslims has started to crack. The biggest shift has followed then that EOC Christians wanted to cooperate and favorite to Evangelicals. Now, the combat became between EOC and Muslims. Mean time, things EOC Christians do are getting to be indications of their opposition to Muslims rather than Evangelicals. They have become very alerted and active on each and every single religious activity than ever before. When Epiphany was celebrated in January 19/2009, they attended in a massive and innumerable quantity in order to show their load over the country. Even, the streets were full of slogans and Bible verses. The government of Ethiopia has given warning on the national Television for those who are stirring some kind of clash. Things are getting to be very pressurized on both sides. Muslims on the other side are getting ready for some kind of war. Yet, Evangelical Christians seems to become quiescent on the situation. What do you think has to be the very sound Biblical, Theological and Apologetic response of evangelical Christians at this time?

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Religious Extremism in Ethiopia

Hello Dagmawi this is very tough but I start with a refrain against those who cause enmity in the BODY OF CHRIST. There is a refrain from the teaching of OUR LORD: remember how he said to the Jews " belong to your father the devil?"...because they didn't believe He was THE SON of GOD? Now he said this even to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! How much more the moslems?

The bible teaches specifically in the epistles of John that he who does not believe JESUS CHIRST is come in the flesh, i.e. is the SON of GOD, is the antichrist. The EOC has been "sleeping with the enemy" literally because of differences with other christian denominations. Christians, no matter what denomination, have no common ground with muslims!

We as christians cannot use violence, sword, etc....we resort to prayer and praising GOD at this critical time for Ethiopia as the Bible says "...we war not against flesh and blood...the weapons of our warfare are mighty through GOD to the pulling down of strongholds...". This may sound impractical. But it was practical to the EOC, in the past, to side with moslems against evangelicals, and this is the direct result.

The Evangelicals and the EOC should find THE common ground which is JESUS CHRIST to resolve this urgent problem. We must also bear in mind that it is vain for christians to fight for a christian state anywhere in this world. If we do not fight for souls we won't even get close to a GOD fearing state.

Therefore the response to this situation is not to take up arms, go on demonstrations, give physical proof of superiority in number, etc...these are signs that the EOC has neglected in its duty over decades and now desperately resorts to physical means. I repeat again "war not against flesh and blood...our weapons are not carnal"....and "EOC should urgently find common ground with the evangelicals"