Can bad doctrine send you to Hell?

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The few assembled on this forum are proof enough that Roman Catholics and Protestants and Mormons and JW's will never agree on certain points of doctrine. In fact within each denomination, you will also find disagreement.
This comes as no surprise since we are all still pretty messed up people. A large percentage of confessing 'christians' still suffer the same troubles as non christians as we play out our own little dramas we think important.

Now the question "how much wrong doctrine, dogma etc. must we embrace to lose our salvation"? In fact, can we lose our salvation by embracing wrong doctrine or do we just put ourselves in danger of never seeing the full life Christ has provided manifesting in our lives?

Will we ever see 'His kingdom come and His will being done' or will we just play our pitiful little parts on this stage and never see what could have been?

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There you go Jglogan . . .

There you go Jglogan . . . talking very much like a Catholic out of one side of your mouth and anti Catholic out the same(?) side.

And I don't mention this to be mean or antagonistic . . . it being just an observation . . . of my own perhaps prejudice . . . but not meant with ill will.

To me, the only reason many Protestants and many disbelieving Catholics do not see the Beauties and Truth of the Catholic Faith and that She is the Church of CHRIST is that they simply cannot allow it to be so . . . so that everywhere where they should turn Graciously toward Her . . . instead they exhibit an errant prejudice against Her . . . as if She were the devil himself.

For one thing . . . no self-respecting human being would ever 'convert' to the Church by direct coercion as you implied based on the Church 'sending them to hell' (my expression of your 'apparent' sentiment) or by the Church threatening to 'cut off their heads' or pull out their innards or such . . . oh yeah, that was the reformers and/or King Henry who did that and the 'enlightenment crowd who did that.

Rather just the opposite.

If the Church were to Threaten in those ways you believe She did, She would have disappeared long long ago . . . and if you think about it for just a 'fair' and 'reasonable' minute . . . I believe that you might also have come to this same conclusion . . . which should reveal to us that our reasoning against the Church might be flawed in our thinking like this toward Her.

We may think of people acting in these wrong manners, which you choose to place as Her responsibility, in spite of Her many Teachings and admonitions and guidance to the contrary or in spite of our not now being able to recognize the legitimate reasons for those who claim loyalty to Her in acting in a manner that today we would not condone or understand . . . but we cannot think of the Church as acting in such a manner Herself . . . because if the Church were perceived by Her members . . . at any time of history . . . to be truly acting in this manner, She would cease to exists . . . which belies the 'lie' which we may allow ourselves to errantly believe about Her.

Don't believe the Re-write History Channel. Don't believe slander, especially from a distance of time and other circumstance. If we do such as this, we do so at our own peril and we most probably are wrong . . . due to our own built in prejudice.

We do the same injustice in demonizing our parents or others whom GOD has put in authority over us.

The top dog always eventually gets blamed by someone of us, especially if that institution is 'close' to CHRIST . . . don't you think?

Only the Liberals get away with this type of reasoning . . . always blaming others.

We Liberals just know George Bush is evil, right? Sorry. That's wrong. The Liberals have got it backwards . . . as they are . . . in my opinion . . . self-deceived and self-justified . . . not recognizing their own failings are the same ones that George has to deal with . . . and so these don't 'see' much of anything clearly . . . sorry it is my opinion . . . that most liberals are mostly 'insane' . . . in that they don't 'see' anything clearly and these don't accept anything anybody says on Faith . . . even if True by every natural measure in the Universe.

If JESUS is the Way, the Truth and the Life . . . as we Believe, in Faith . . . then those who believe wrongly in Who JESUS is, such as the Da Vinci crowd . . . don't believe the Truth and by definition are out of touch with Reality, this being 'insane'.

And those who don't Believe in the Church being Holy and in Her being One with CHRIST . . . just as HE said of Her . . . at least might consider that they may be in error . . . and that their understanding of WHO CHRIST is may at least be a bit in error . . . maybe . . . perhaps.

Another reason that I believe your reasoning heads off in wrong directions is that . . .

There is nothing that makes humans more willing to fight and die than someone trying to forcefully coerce us to believe something we do not believe . . . this actually being why the devil is so indirect with us in his tempting us . . . he using our weaknesses and pride-of-self against us.

In defense of GOD's not enlightening us . . .

For GOD's part . . . we are not 'allowed' to see what we 'will not' allow ourselves to even entertain.

If we were to at least allow ourselves to expand our minds and our hearts toward the institution of the Church . . . if we actually expect to 'see' Her as She really is . . . our Beloved Mother, the Bride of CHRIST, HIS Mystical Body, the Church . . . Which is Holy . . . we might actually be able to 'see' Her as She really is. But many 'will not' allow this of themselves.

We don't see how smart our parents were until we become more disposed to 'see' it differently through trials and tribulations.

It is just.

I do not wish to offend any here.

Although it may sound differently, I have taken no offense at anything you have said, Jglogan . . . though I may have sounded differently in my finding some possible fault with what I perceived to be some apparent, but not gross, error of thinking, a bit . . . and please don't take offense at me or what I have said.

Thanks for your writing and for the conversations.

GOD Bless us all.