Can bad doctrine send you to Hell?

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The few assembled on this forum are proof enough that Roman Catholics and Protestants and Mormons and JW's will never agree on certain points of doctrine. In fact within each denomination, you will also find disagreement.
This comes as no surprise since we are all still pretty messed up people. A large percentage of confessing 'christians' still suffer the same troubles as non christians as we play out our own little dramas we think important.

Now the question "how much wrong doctrine, dogma etc. must we embrace to lose our salvation"? In fact, can we lose our salvation by embracing wrong doctrine or do we just put ourselves in danger of never seeing the full life Christ has provided manifesting in our lives?

Will we ever see 'His kingdom come and His will being done' or will we just play our pitiful little parts on this stage and never see what could have been?

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This was meant to be

This was meant to be short.

Sorry . . . it's not.

In short . . . as to Obedience to those whom JESUS has left in charge . . . on this Earth.

"Do as they say and not as they do".

Should we Obey those in authority over us? I think so.

The Church teaches we must Obey . . . in all things except 'sin'.

To me . . . it is obvious that . . . those of us who don't subject ourselves to be Obedient 'slaves of GOD' . . . also obeying the authorities whom GOD places over us in this Life . . . parents, bosses, police, secular and religious authorities . . . those of us who refuse to subject ourselves to these authorities to the degree of ours and their stations in Life . . . we ourselves become self-willed 'slaves of sin', disobedient children both of GOD and of man.

Choosing to become an Obedient person is to choose the only real 'Freedom' that exists on this Earth.

'Doing it my way' is not the 'Way' of CHRIST.

"I have come to do my FATHER's Will."

"I have come to do the Will of the ONE WHO sent ME."

CHRIST was always subjecting HIMSELF to a Life of Obedience . . . even Earthly Obedience.

"HE returned with Joseph and Mary and was Obedient unto them."

If we want to be Like CHRIST, we had better find someone to Obey . . . on this Earth . . . somewhere . . . and as I said . . . in all things but sin.

No one can claim to be Obeying the Church in committing a 'sinful act'. Because it is the Church Teaching and is a duty of every Church member to 'know what is a sin' and to 'not' commit any sins . . . we not being free to sin even should an Angel tell us otherwise to do so. But we had better be very sure and not frivolous in such a choosing to disobey any lawful authority on Earth.

And we cannot ever 'leave' the Church because of the sins or bad example of others . . . even if someone of importance in Her Hierarchy should decide to sin scandalously . . . still . . . we cannot leave Her.

Are we to leave Heaven because one of the chief angels, Lucifer, decided he was going to become the liar and father of lies? . . . taking a third of the Angels of Heaven with him in this sin . . . No. Not a legit excuse or reason for leaving.

It is clear that GOD can accomplish HIS Will in any situation . . . and GOD can do this without destroying our own free-will . . . should HE decide to do so.

It is also clear that . . . sometimes GOD allows suffering and sometimes allows evil to have its' way . . . in order to accomplish a greater Good.

We don't understand GOD's reasons. We accept. We Obey, even unto death on a Cross.

Even those 'bad' Jews, who rejected their CHRIST, were to be Obeyed.

Go figure that one.

Scripture says that . . . "All authority comes from above."

When JESUS said that HIS Church could Bind and Loose in Heaven and on Earth, HE did not make a mistake in saying this. JESUS was revealing a principle of Truth about HIS Church and HIS being soooooo United as One with HER that HE HIMSELF would prevent Her from making a mistake in matters of Faith and Morals.

I know that many here and elsewhere cannot understand or agree with this . . . even many of those within the Church.

a point of example:

Even the high Priest of the Jews . . . at the time of CHRIST . . . who only wanted to murder JESUS . . . was made by GOD to make an absolutely 'True' prophetic statement when he said that . . . "it is better that one die for the many" . . . or such as that . . . and also . . . GOD can have even HIS enemies say 'Truthful' prophetic statements in HIS behalf . . . GOD having Pharaoh to condemn himself and all of Egypt from his own mouth . . . when Pharaoh's real 'bad' intention was to condemn to death the first-born of the Jews.

GOD is in charge . . . and in spite of man's free-will . . . GOD can accomplish HIS Divine Will . . . even through those of us who may actually be resisting HIM . . . even if we are sinners. We can stand in the way . . . but we cannot prevent HIS Will. If we stand against HIS Will . . . we are only choosing where we will end . . . but we are not thwarting GOD's Will. HE will weave HIS Will in an out of and throughout our will, in spite of our resistance, and in spite of our desires or beliefs to the contrary.

I am not talking predestination or pre-ordained in that Calvinist sense (which is a debate I will not make here or anywhere).

If we wish . . . we can see the gift of infallibility in this manner . . . also . . . seeing infallibility in the manner of GOD being in charge and accomplishing HIS Will regardless of how difficult we make for HIM to do so.

I am not talking about individual members of the Church having this infallible gift . . . but the Church Hierarchy, those in Union with the Pope . . . cannot make mistakes in matters of Faith and Morals, even though they individually may be sinners . . . and I'm not saying that the Pope is a sinner (though he probably would say that about himself).

I'm saying that in spite of the Pope or any Bishop or any Priest being a sinner, GOD can accomplish and does accomplish HIS Will through them . . . regardless of and/or in spite of their faults or failings.

Sometimes it is GOD's Will to allow us to fall and to suffer and to Sacrifice and to be Sacrificed . . . for a better Good . . . which we may or may not see the reason of for ourselves.

I don't know what exactly got me started on this.

GOD Bless us all.