Can bad doctrine send you to Hell?

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The few assembled on this forum are proof enough that Roman Catholics and Protestants and Mormons and JW's will never agree on certain points of doctrine. In fact within each denomination, you will also find disagreement.
This comes as no surprise since we are all still pretty messed up people. A large percentage of confessing 'christians' still suffer the same troubles as non christians as we play out our own little dramas we think important.

Now the question "how much wrong doctrine, dogma etc. must we embrace to lose our salvation"? In fact, can we lose our salvation by embracing wrong doctrine or do we just put ourselves in danger of never seeing the full life Christ has provided manifesting in our lives?

Will we ever see 'His kingdom come and His will being done' or will we just play our pitiful little parts on this stage and never see what could have been?

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Obedience to God is born of love

Just wanted to add one thing about obedience. Obedience to secular authorities is typically not driven by love. But obedience to God MUST be, I repeat, MUST be purely out of love. Because God is love he cannot accept a forced obedience, a forced worship. He can only accept obedience and worship which is freely given by the perfectly untethered free will of the individual.

This is why God chose something so silly as preaching to win souls to His kingdom. God approaches us through our minds. He appeals to our reasoning. Don't think for one moment that God could not make every human being fall down and worship Him and obey Him. He has the power but it is contrary to His nature.

The concern of the Protestant is that the Catholic strives to obey the church precepts in order to obtain salvation. This is no different from the Hebrews who tried to obey God's law to earn salvation. But Galatians 3 and Romans 3 make it very clear that righteousness does not come from observing a law but comes only by faith in Jesus. After that faith has come then love for God is present in our hearts and obedience is the natural outworking of that faith.

It would seem that our Catholic friends are telling us we have it backwards; that one must first be obedient and then by those good works comes perfect faith. While the Protestant says, Nay! But first comes faith and then obedience. The first method relies on what the individual can do to help himself. The second method relies completely upon what Jesus will do to help the sinner.

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