Can bad doctrine send you to Hell?

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The few assembled on this forum are proof enough that Roman Catholics and Protestants and Mormons and JW's will never agree on certain points of doctrine. In fact within each denomination, you will also find disagreement.
This comes as no surprise since we are all still pretty messed up people. A large percentage of confessing 'christians' still suffer the same troubles as non christians as we play out our own little dramas we think important.

Now the question "how much wrong doctrine, dogma etc. must we embrace to lose our salvation"? In fact, can we lose our salvation by embracing wrong doctrine or do we just put ourselves in danger of never seeing the full life Christ has provided manifesting in our lives?

Will we ever see 'His kingdom come and His will being done' or will we just play our pitiful little parts on this stage and never see what could have been?

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I appreciate both your passion and your candor, jwmcmac, and I can understand a bit of your frustration. But it seems to me that this post is too much over the line, which for you is really unusual. I'm not officially closing the thread, but I am recommending that you adjust your approach to this subject--it is not generally appropriate to negatively psychoanalyze individuals by name, or caricature their positions. Michael often brings up the straw-man attacks launched on the Catholic church--I'm sure you can appreciate the need for both sides to address what has actually been said?

I am not attempting to address the specifics of your objections, but I don't know how to explain the problem without bringing some of it up--while I am not trying to use my moderating position to argue pro-Protestant, it needs to be said that Dan has not argued that the Catholic Church has never done any good, nor that no one should ever listen to a source of earthly authority, or that no one on earth ever speaks for God. Dan has said that the Catholic Church has made many mistakes in the past, and makes mistakes, and that the power of the Catholic Church in the lives of its individual memembers makes him uncomfortable. You may feel these objections are unreasonable, and you are welcome to share your objections to Dan's objections, but publically objecting to Dan as a person is simply not acceptable.

So while I can understand and even appreciate the loyalty and the respect you have for the Church, as well as the passion with which you defend her, I must ask you to give Dan's convictions the same room to breath as you would like Protestants to give the Catholic Church; if you feel Dan is in error, perhaps exercize the forgiveness you would like him to exercize regarding the Church and her errant children?

You are always welcome to share your thoughts, ojections, and opinions, jwmcmac. Please feel free to discuss this with me further.

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Search the scriptures--for in them ye think ye have eternal life:
They are they which testify of me--and ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.
(John 5.39-40)