Can bad doctrine send you to Hell?

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The few assembled on this forum are proof enough that Roman Catholics and Protestants and Mormons and JW's will never agree on certain points of doctrine. In fact within each denomination, you will also find disagreement.
This comes as no surprise since we are all still pretty messed up people. A large percentage of confessing 'christians' still suffer the same troubles as non christians as we play out our own little dramas we think important.

Now the question "how much wrong doctrine, dogma etc. must we embrace to lose our salvation"? In fact, can we lose our salvation by embracing wrong doctrine or do we just put ourselves in danger of never seeing the full life Christ has provided manifesting in our lives?

Will we ever see 'His kingdom come and His will being done' or will we just play our pitiful little parts on this stage and never see what could have been?

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Michael, Dan did not say


Dan did not say exactly this . . . but he . . . and all people are afraid of being 'told what to do' . . . and just won't stand for it.

Your comments to Dan as to . . . the Church's right to obligate Her Members as to discipline . . . and his comments in return . . . makes it relatively clear that Dan . . . (and most everybody else it seems -- me included) . . . have a great fear of obeying any authority whatsoever on earth as to telling us what to do, even perhaps and especially fearing those whom we vote for.

Dan seemed to imply that he likes being able to just walk away from any Church that doesn't suit his way of seeing things, it seems . . . at least that is what his comments seem to imply . . . I may have misinterpreted this . . . but I am guided by . . . ? . . . and Dan is guided by . . . ? . . . and you are guided by . . . ? . . . and each of us is guided by . . . ? . . . and we are all sincere, aren't we? . . . so we have unity of spirit . . . in this great 'guided' disunity.

I don't think so.

To me, it seems that Dan does not believe in rules . . . except those of his own making and those of his own understanding as he is guided by his interpretation of the Holy Scripture.

Am I being unfair in this assessment? Maybe.

Of course the Life of a True Catholic is all about 'Obedience' . . . we thinking that this Virtue is considered to be a necessity in Heaven . . . and even on earth.

And if JESUS gave all authority in Heaven and on Earth to HIS Church . . . and with the Power to Bind and Loose in Heaven and on Earth in Spiritual matters of Faith and Morals . . . wouldn't we think that 'Obedience' might come into play . . . big time . . . in that scenario?

But, according to the way Dan seems to be seeing it, with we all being able to play it as we each 'see' it . . . I'm not sure what kind of Obedience that actually is. It does not seem to resemble any kind of Obedience I have ever been aware of . . . and it would not work very well in an army or in any other institution on earth . . . and seems to be bringing down our once great country to boot.

No rules and no Obedience . . . reaps chaos and disaster and death.

I don't think Heaven works this way. The Church does not work this way either.

Wait till we get to Heaven and give them our interpretations of the rules . . . and tell them of our view of 'rebellion' . . . and how good a thing it is to rebel against unjust laws which come from the Word of GOD as given through HIS Church. Do we think Heaven will 'see' things 'our way'.

Oh yeah . . . I forgot . . . it seems that . . . no one on Earth has the authority to Speak for GOD . . . except individually and . . . no one on Earth has to obey any authority on earth if they do not want to . . . especially if it is a religious authority . . . right? Wrong.

And oh yeah . . . I forgot . . . the Church has only done bad things with Her Authority . . . never any good . . . this being the gospel according to the enemies of the Church . . . and sometimes according to her own children. Is this the correct assessment of the Church? No.

They are wrong about the Church.

How blind we are . . . when we see CHRIST and HIS Church as 'evil' ogres who try to impose their 'Way' on Mankind . . . because if we see HIS Church in this way then we are seeing CHRIST in this way . . . because CHRIST and HIS Church are One and the Same and Speak with the same Voice and Authority . . . both on Earth and in Heaven.

That is what Scripture says.

Who on Earth rules with Authority, tempered by Kindness and Mercy?

The Catholic Church has 'always' been such a Church and has always 'exercised' and 'claimed to possess' such Authority . . . and She always will have this nature . . . just like Her Builder made Her to be . . . just like GOD in Heaven Acts and Rules in HIS House . . . ruling HIS House with discipline . . . but . . . overshadowed and indwelled by Love and rendered as Mercy to all who are repentant . . .

Now each can believe as he wishes . . . as to the Church . . . and rightly or wrongly . . . each does so believe. Me to.

I Believe in a GOD and a Church which actually commands me to act according to a righteous manner of Living and that my actions actually matter and that in regard to these Rules it is a mortal sin to disobey GOD and HIS Church in some of these matters as pertain to Faith and Morals and even extending to matters of religious practice (which 'laws of practice' actually occasionally can be changed or broken for good reason -- but not for frivolous reasons).

Sorry Dan. I'm ranting a little bit. You seem a good man to me . . . and I don't mean to offend you . . . but your thinking about the Church just doesn't make any sense to me . . .

. . . you not seeing anything good in the Church whereas I see only the Beauty . . . Beauty in Her Holiness . . . Beauty in Her Sacramental Life and Liturgy . . . Beauty in Her Saints . . . Beauty in Her Priests and Religious . . . Beauty in Her Pope . . . Beauty in Her Faith . . . Beauty in Her every aspect . . . Beauty in Her calling us out of Slavery to our sins . . . whether we like or whether we agree with Her assessment as to our sins or not . . . Beauty in Her calling us to Repentance and then 'forgiving the sins' of those who 'Ask' for forgiveness through the Sacrament of Penance . . . etc . . ..

I only say this, Dan . . . as to the history of the Church which seems to provide you your mis-understanding of the Church. . . you are incorrect in your assessments . . . because you do not understand what you are analogizing to.

Neither you nor I can honestly say that we fully understand the details of these moments in History or who was actually guilty . . . both sides being most probably wrong on one level or the other at any given moment in any of these . . . and both sides thinking the other to be the guilty party . . . this also being the nature of such things.

I can say this . . . that I believe that the crimes committed by the Church have been very few . . . and that She has . . . contrary to popular belief . . . been the arbiter of Peace much much more often than She has been given credit for and that any sins which have been committed in her name were committed by errant people who were not doing what She told them to do . . . though She getting the blame.

In case you do not realize . . . without Her presence . . . this world would be hell . . . complete and utter chaos and evil. And it is only because of Her presence and Her constant Prayers and Efforts and intercession in Man's behalf . . . with CHRIST Sacramentally in Her Midst and the HOLY SPIRIT Overshadowing and Indwelling Her and forming CHRIST in us and us in HIM . . . that there is any good at all on this Earth.

Be careful what we believe about our Mother.

We cannot watch or believe the 're-write History Channel'. Because if we do, then we might also have to start thinking the Da Vinci Code is fact rather than fiction . . . and then we will have to give up even our version of the CHRIST.

The CHRIST and HIS Church which we Know and Believe in from our Christian Faith . . . is not reconcilable with any such things as the Da Vinci Code.

Also, all so called religious 'wars' and 'atrocities' have had elements of politics involved and probably always will.

And . . . just because the kids are at times not doing what their Mother or their Father tells them to do . . . does that fall on the parents?

I don't think so.

GOD Bless us all.