Can You Go To Hell For That?

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This is an odd topic I must confess, but appropriate in our time due to various personal idea's of what sends a person to hell.

How about Tobacco?

What about alcohol?

What about Movies?

Do these things prohibit someone from heaven?
Is it a service to God to make cultural things an issue?
Could it be we are keeping people away from God?

Grace with Taste,

Micah 6:8

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Hi jqlogan

I sure liked how well you stated each point and I feel I must qualify my initial post by saying that I do not smoke. I used to about 15 years ago and I enjoyed it as a Christian until the Lord removed the desire for His purposes, I would later learn of. I asked the question for curiousity, on how people other than myself thought. I sure learned a great deal from your post. I hope you don't think I turned the post into a "Christian Bar Fight".

In earlier church history greater than 100 years ago, there was not the stigma with the use of alcohol or tobacco within culturally acceptable limits. But with the knowledge we have today there should be a wiser look at just how far personal liberty in these practices wieghs against our place in God's plans and purposes. When I served in church as an Elder, I refrained altogether because I had to be available 24 hours a day. When that was no longer the case and my time of service was complete, I felt there was no need to refrain, so I enjoyed what I otherwise would not do as a point of devotion to the Lord.

I believe there is that freedom to partake and enjoy, but I believe it should never have any priority in time, effort or money practically speaking. It is an enjoyment I (or we) partake in with the Lord.

Micah 6:8