Can You Go To Hell For That?

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This is an odd topic I must confess, but appropriate in our time due to various personal idea's of what sends a person to hell.

How about Tobacco?

What about alcohol?

What about Movies?

Do these things prohibit someone from heaven?
Is it a service to God to make cultural things an issue?
Could it be we are keeping people away from God?

Grace with Taste,

Micah 6:8

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Similar Experience

I had gone to mostly Baptist or Calvary Chapel circles where these things were looked down upon as anywhere from a little sinful to a great deal sinful. Today as I belong to a Lutheran Church, these things are looked at a great deal differently.

Maybe we can talk about the "Two Hands Theory", maybe you've heard of it in some Reformed circles. But the whole idea is in one hand (closed) we carefully carry all the vital teachings that equal our salvation. In the other hand (open) we loosely carry things that are neutral. We can carry these things until they become a hinderance to the things in the closed hand.

It is an important practice not to stumble a brother who may consider alcohol, tobacco or socializing a roadblock to there faith. If I know of this limitation on their part, it would be a sin to practice something like that in the name of moderation without their consideration.

So some things I now find myself free to do and enjoy in moderation and thankfulness in the Lord. Yet they remain more or less private to me and not abused or over used. God very much is in control.

Micah 6:8