Who and What is the Holy Spirit?

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How did the Holy Spirit get into all this? Is he God Too? Where was he in the Old Testament and What is he doing today?

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Thanks, Maria. All is well.

Thanks, Maria.

All is well. I'm working double time now . . . like the rest of the world . . . so not too much time to do anything.

GOD's Blessings to you this HOLY Season and to all the kind peoples . . . here at CCEL . . . starting with the Loutzenhiser and you and Staller and everybody else too.

I really Love this Season . . . no matter if lonely or whatever the case may be . . . it is just a beautiful thing that Our Saviour is Born to us, Salvation has entered into time and space, through the Womb of a Virgin . . . in a Cave in a manger (feeding trough for sheep) in Bethlehem (House of Bread) . . .

. . . a child appears . . . with the Angels singing "Glory to GOD in the Highest" . . . and "Peace on earth to men of Good-Will" . . .

. . . the Kings giving their gold (our wealth), giving their frankincense (the Smoke of our prayers), giving their myrrh (our health) . . .

. . . the Shepherds going forth proclaiming him to those in the surrounding countryside . . .

. . . it is a time to be counted (a census is ordered) . . . the fullness of time having come.

At midnight Mass, the infant finally appears in the manger amongst the animals and Kings and Shepherds and Mary and Joseph and the Angels.

Not what we were looking for . . . but better . . . a child Saviour . . . Like us in all things but sin.

HE is the only ONE of us WHO did not have to die . . . but WHO chose to die . . . so that we could find Life again in and through HIM . . . so that HE might be the first amongst many Brethren . . . our Saviour, Brother, LORD, KING, all in all . . . came to us as a child born to a Virgin . . . to Live our Life with us . . . and to give us the means to do the impossible-to-do . . . and . . . to show us how to find the impossible-to-find Way back to HIM.

A secret . . . HE came to us through a Virgin and Immaculate Mother Whom HE gave to us at Calvary. Don't neglect your Mother. She will help you to receive HIM and to follow HIM and to be Like HIM in every way.

CHRIST said, "Blessed is he who hears the Word of GOD and does It." That's Mary. That is Who my Mom is, says the LORD. If you want to be my Mother, then be like Mary, my Mother. That needs to be us.

The Mother Who told CHRIST what to do for most of HIS Life, tells us to . . . "Do whatever HE tells you." That is what Mary says to us all.

GOD Bless you all this Holy Season.