Who and What is the Holy Spirit?

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How did the Holy Spirit get into all this? Is he God Too? Where was he in the Old Testament and What is he doing today?

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To the best of my knowledge

To the best of my knowledge and understanding . . .

. . . I Believe that the Church Teaches that the HOLY SPIRIT is the Third Person of the BLESSED TRINITY, the One GOD, WHO is also the Living Love which proceeds forth from the mutually Pure and Chaste Love which exists between the First Person of the Blessed Trinity and the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

If we think of the BLESSED TRINITY as a Family United as One in a HOLY Pure and Chaste LOVE . . . more Pure and Chaste than we can understand . . . we might say that the HOLY SPIRIT is the Eternal Child of Fruitfully Chaste LOVE . . . WHO is that Living LOVE in HIS very PERSON.

This Divine Love has been sent to us from CHRIST and the FATHER to form HIS Mystical Body, the Whole CHRIST, in us and us in CHRIST according to the FATHER's Will.

This formation is primarily accomplished in and through Mary . . . being accomplished in and through all of those who are Like Mary in Her Heart (She Who upon Hearing the Word of GOD, Faithfully does it).

Those who respond as does Mary . . . become . . . the Mothers and brothers and sisters of CHRIST . . . this being accomplished through the action of the HOLY SPIRIT WHO is acting upon the Church and Her members, overshadowing them and filling them up with the LIFE of LOVE . . . this LIFE being rendered to us as Mercy . . . because this is a Sacrificial Love.

This Love is imaged in a Faithful Marriage between a man and a woman in the Sacrament of Matrimony which is at least open to having children and raising them in the sight of GOD.

This Love is also imaged in a Faithful Marriage of a Celibate Priest Sacramentally Married to the Whole Church, the Bride of CHRIST . . . begetting many Spiritual Children to GOD in and through CHRIST's Mystical Body, the Church.

These are both Sacrificial and Chaste self-sacrificing Holy relationships.

GOD Bless us all.