Warranted Christian Belief

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I downloaded Alvin's e-book and copied into WORD format (a lot of text and reformatting!)

This is the first time I really investigated Christianity-Philosophy - and was somewhat overwhelmed. Alvin has done an impressive work for apologetics. It will take many hours of studies and further research to truly grasp an understanding of his work.

In fact, I had to create a personal dictionary for the meaning of many of the words and terms used.

One of the difficult things I came across was the wisdom of the world vs. the Word of God. The non-believers are on such thin ice - and the heat is rising. The so-called intellectuals who boldly claim there is no God seem to base their opinions on clouds and thin air. They too have to exercise FAITH in their erroneous theories and empty hopes.

Great work and addition to the library.

Hank Berg