The Parable of the Talents

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Todays Gospel at Mass had to do with the parable that Jesus gave of the talents and how the master's servant invested them. My girlfriend and I started to discuss two view concerning this parable.

Her view was that we are given talents to share with others for the good of all. Period. She took this as being a Stewardship type of action either inside or outside of church.

I agreed to some extent but thought it more to be our obligation as Christians to increase the Kingdom by using the talents God gave us for that purpose - to bring others to Christ. If we are given the talent of hospitality and kindness - use that to show Christ in you to others, if you are given the talent of music - use that to bring others to Him by the music that you create, offering it to church, etc. If you are a lawyer, defend those who have been treated wrong without thinking of 'your profit'. If you have been given the talent of housewife - love your family and nourish them.

So, this brings me these questions:
- How do you perceive this parable? Is it both things?
- What about those that do not share what they have been given? Will they suffer the fate of the servant with one talent?

Another thought occured to me - What if we fight against what God Wills our work to be in? St. Paul says that God distributes the talents according to the work we will do in His vineyard so as to get this work of ours properly accomplished.

In other words, what if you go into an office that you were not called to do and refuse the one that He has given you. You are a housewife but want to really be a actress and ignore being the housewife that you should be (Not talking about Britney) by focusing your attention elsewhere. Sometimes, greed for money or ambition of success will deter you from playing the role God chose you for.

- Will the desire then, to do your will instead of God's for your own purpose or profit have the same effect as the servant with one talent? They are using some talent but not placing God first or asking Him to bless their endeavors, etc.
- Is the agenda that we set for ourselves offered to God daily?
- How are you building the kingdom of God?

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