Why is the Bible True and other Scriptures False?

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This has been a question that has plagued me for a long time, especially given my extensive study of other scriptures in addition to our own and my thorough study of historical/critical reflection on the Bible.

It seems to me either:

A. we must ACCEPT the premise "our scripture is true, theirs are not" on FAITH alone
B. we must DEMONSTRATE the premise "our scripture is true, theirs are not" RATIONALLY.

I would relish hearing a sound and sane discussion on this issue.

Thank you.

In Christ


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Scripture and "Other" Works of Literature.

I have a deep reverential respect for all honest seekers of knowledge concerning "God." I came to a living faith in God through Christ as a practicing member of the "Rama Krishna Vedanta’s" in 1969. While I found a great deal of beauty in the writings of the Gautama, Lao Tzu and Confucius, the Upanishads, the Vedas and other collections I also found vast amounts of obviously naive thought about God and the creation.

None of these works rises to the levels of authoritarian and rational visions presented in what has come to be known as the Bible. The scripture is God breathed Holy and inherent as recorded in the original autographs. It is thoroughly original in its comprhension of the great "I Am."

While, literature is a wonderful gift and helps us to see the world of “Maya” through calculated words and pictures; Scripture reveals God to man through inspired and authoritarian concepts. There is only one collection of works which can be called “Scripture.” Everything else is simply literature.......Logically speaking, to grant the premise that other works are Scripture not only elevates the subject of the literature to a position equal with God it also diminishes the “Revelation of God” to the position of literature as well as reduceing God, Christ and the Holy Spirit to the level of all other created diety………………………….

Bless you for reading these words. My prayer for all of this day is that we might grasp the true nature of our Father and be able to live what we know to be a revealed way of peace and reconciliation................


"My soul, waits in silence for God only! For my hope is from Him." Psalms 62:5


"My soul, waits in silence for God only! For my hope is from Him." Psalms 62:5