Why is the Bible True and other Scriptures False?

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This has been a question that has plagued me for a long time, especially given my extensive study of other scriptures in addition to our own and my thorough study of historical/critical reflection on the Bible.

It seems to me either:

A. we must ACCEPT the premise "our scripture is true, theirs are not" on FAITH alone
B. we must DEMONSTRATE the premise "our scripture is true, theirs are not" RATIONALLY.

I would relish hearing a sound and sane discussion on this issue.

Thank you.

In Christ



While I try to give a measure of freedom to people with denominational and anti-denominational convictions, I find it a little unnecessary to drag the Catholic church and its potential role in Revelation into a generic thread about the superiority of Christian scriptures over other scriptures--please stay on thread, and focused primarily on the thread topic. You may find our group study on revelation to be somewhat interesting.

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