Why is the Bible True and other Scriptures False?

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This has been a question that has plagued me for a long time, especially given my extensive study of other scriptures in addition to our own and my thorough study of historical/critical reflection on the Bible.

It seems to me either:

A. we must ACCEPT the premise "our scripture is true, theirs are not" on FAITH alone
B. we must DEMONSTRATE the premise "our scripture is true, theirs are not" RATIONALLY.

I would relish hearing a sound and sane discussion on this issue.

Thank you.

In Christ


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Jeff writes -"I don't

Jeff writes -
"I don't believe we are left with only these two options. There is plenty of evidence found in scripture to bolster our faith that it is indeed the word of God. Very specific prophecies about Christ and other events are recorded in the Bible and each one that has already been fulfilled has been fulfilled just as foretold. It is not unlike having faith in the law of aerodynamics and then later using that faith to fly."

why do people not know that their is real science in the [edited by moderator] bible?!?! in job it says springs of the oceans. 3000 years old and the scoffers just realize that it was true. in 1977-79 (forgot the exact date) they sent a submarine in the ocean and found the springs. it says in job that light moves and darkness stays. there is so many more in that book alone!!! mountains in the oceans is in Jonah. the world is round in Isaiah.