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Praise and Worship of Jesus

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A thread for the Worship and Praise of Jesus. This thread is only for your praise and worship.

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We worship the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and one Almighty God. We call him by any of those names Jesus is going to answer it. The Holy Spirit will deliver it and the Father will get the glory for it. Have you ever pretended your fingers were a person walking around? That’s what the father did Through Jesus he came here and walked among us and if you worship the hand you are in fact worshiping the father. The Holy Spirit would be the blood flowing through the hand of God walking around on the earth among us. Each is God, each is a person and yet they are always in agreement. Together they are God and apart they are God. No word picture formed by the mind of man will every completely describe God. But that is why we worship Jesus, The Father and the Holy Spirit as one God.

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