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Praise and Worship of Jesus

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A thread for the Worship and Praise of Jesus. This thread is only for your praise and worship.

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I stand amazed at your reveled power

Holiest Jesus
I stand amazed at your reveled power.
TJ, your peacemaker, knocked low by a demon
and yet in her sickness your power shines forth.
From near and far those that love her, have come to be with her.
Hand in Hand they have stood at her side, praying to you for her.
Protestant with Catholic, Mormon with Jew, Jehovah Witness with Pentecostal,
all came together in peace to pray for her that loved them.
In peace she spoke to them of Life and the Master of that Life.
Never in anger did she speak of her Lord, now they gather around her to share her pain.
And in her pain she teaches them of your faithfulness and love.
They come to pray for her, she prays for them.
They come to share her pain, she teaches them the only way to Life.
Truly, Your power comes forth from our weakness.
Your peace you have given to your daughter.
I praise you and thank you Jesus.

The gentle soft word is heard over the shout.
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