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Praise and Worship of Jesus

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A thread for the Worship and Praise of Jesus. This thread is only for your praise and worship.

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Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
Let that name be forever on my tongue.
King, Master, Brother.
Don't touch me Master, I am unworthy.
Only let me lie here Jesus,
Let me feel the shadow of your Glory upon me.
My pain is greater then I can bear.
Fear shakes my knees.
I need to be strong for her, for them.
How can I continue? My strength has fled from me.
And yet I must. I must.
Help me Jesus to be there for her.

You are so beautiful.
Thank You for your Peace.
All will be well.
I am yours forever.
Command me.

The gentle soft word is heard over the shout.
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