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The Xmas Thread: Discussions on secular/pagan practices

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This thread is for the discussion of secular/pagan Xmas problems and thoughts. I used Xmas to differentiate this thread form the Christmas thread. To discuss the birth of Jesus please use the Christmas Thread.

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My apology


I am sorry that sounded contentious. Yes, I remember what I believed for years and wrote. I do not need to reread my statement, which I remember well. I usually do remember my mistakes well. When I said it, my statement was based on the writings of the SDA church, and yes, Michael corrected me. I meant it as a statement of fact, not as being contentious. I am not sure just how to make a correction of an inaccurate statement without being contentious, if that is the case. The point continues to be that, with or without imprimatur, the statement was by a Catholic, not the Catholic church. The catechism doesn't even approach that thought, as Michael drove me back to the catechism to find out. And the fact still remains, I think you did a wonderful job of fielding questions about that and many other subjects in your thread.

BTW, it's good to hear from you again.

Dave S.
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2 Tim. 3:16--All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable
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