The Xmas Thread: Discussions on secular/pagan practices

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This thread is for the discussion of secular/pagan Xmas problems and thoughts. I used Xmas to differentiate this thread form the Christmas thread. To discuss the birth of Jesus please use the Christmas Thread.

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re: Inaccurate statement of history Submitted by ElderDad on Sat

Reply to: Inaccurate statement of history
Submitted by ElderDad on Sat, 2012-08-04 19:18.

Hello Dave,

Isn't this statement a bit contentious and offensive: "Actually, that supposed teaching, as written by EG White and promoted by the denomination that credits her with so much of their thinking, has never been taught by the RC Church."

We should be more careful with our attributions. See "The Convert's Catechism of Catholic Doctrine", by Rev. Peter Geiermann, C.SS.R., Tan books, Sept. 16, 1957, page 50, originally published in 1930 by B. Herder Book Co., St. Louis, Missouri, and reprinted in 1957 and 1963. It received Imprimi Potest in Feb. 24, 1945, Nihil Obstat on 23-2-1945, and Imprimatur ("Let it be printed") on 23-2-1945. Copyright 1930 B. Herder Book Co.

I purchased both copies at Catholic bookstores in the late 1900's. I'll add something regarding this booklet elsewhere where it might be more appropriate.

BTW, you ought to read your comments on this matter here ==> which I guess was your understanding before Michael corrected it.

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