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The Xmas Thread: Discussions on secular/pagan practices

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This thread is for the discussion of secular/pagan Xmas problems and thoughts. I used Xmas to differentiate this thread form the Christmas thread. To discuss the birth of Jesus please use the Christmas Thread.

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xmas tree

Yeah so what.Whats the big deal if we have the father of truth and make a floating holiday of his only sons birthday in month in which his birth did not occur and that conforms to commerce and spice it up with pagan symbols, heavy drinking and topped off with a Nimrod tree or christmas tree.So what if theres a little truth stuffed with a big lie?Surely we can paint a pentagram on the floor of our church so old heavy metal fans can come to our church and feel welcome,maybe a christian mosh pit where punk rockers can praise god while tossing each other on the floor.