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The Xmas Thread: Discussions on secular/pagan practices

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This thread is for the discussion of secular/pagan Xmas problems and thoughts. I used Xmas to differentiate this thread form the Christmas thread. To discuss the birth of Jesus please use the Christmas Thread.

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Hi Jeff,

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Submitted by De Maria on Fri, 2009-12-11 22:03.

Lol! I'll have to be more careful!

jq replies:

It can get very confusing. I was wondering how you did so well keeping it all straight. And then you slipped up. Oops!

BTW, how DO you keep it straight? I tried using an HTML editor to preserve the STRONG tags but that seems even more confusing. Do you have a secret you might share? Or, is it just a lot of labor intensive work? Appreciate your sharing.

Sorry, I'd been busy with you on the other threads and I hadn't revisited this one.

Well, its easy when its just responding to one person's statements. But, as we can see, when I tried to include both you and Justin in my responses, I got confused.

As for the html tags. I'm so used to typing them in, it has become second nature. I find myself typing them even when I go visit other websites where those particular tags are not valid.

So, I guess the answer is "labor intensive".