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The Xmas Thread: Discussions on secular/pagan practices

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This thread is for the discussion of secular/pagan Xmas problems and thoughts. I used Xmas to differentiate this thread form the Christmas thread. To discuss the birth of Jesus please use the Christmas Thread.

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Pagan Practices

"Oh Pagan Tree Oh Pagan Tree, we bow down to worship thee"

We just had this conversation at the dinner table this week. Some years we have a Christmas Tree, some years we don't. Often it is more a matter of what relitives are going to be around to be offended it there is not one. This year my mother in-law will be staying with us. We have told our children that this year we will have a Christmas Tree in order to bless Grandma. No reaction from the kids. They know that with or without a tree it is still Christmas and we are not celebrating a tree we are celebrating the humility of our Saviour.

"Mom and Dad just don't sing "Oh Pagan Tree" in front of Grandma!"