"Those who have never rebelled against God....

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"Those who have never rebelled against God or shaken their fist against him, have never encountered God at all."

Must all that become his sheep, rebel against him? Must we all be "broken" in rebellion against him to be worthy of him?

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Rebellion against God yeilds poisonous fruits

I think, may be in error, that God hates rebellion in angels and men. The reason is poisonous fruits of rebellion: book of Enoch tells that one rebellious angel, satan, that had an everlasting life and great knowledge, caused more than 200 angels to fall alongside with the first man and first woman, and taught angels, men and women perversion, oppression and all manner of evil, bringing evil, curse, death, the flood, all manner of temporal punishments, and eventually eternal punishment unto initially good creatures of God.

A man is an immensely more powerful creature than an angel, been made in the image of God after likeness of God, to keep the garden of Eden, to represent God to the garden and garden to God, and, eventually, to judge angels. Hence the fruits of rebellion are immensely more poisonous for creation. The evidence for this is the person of antichrist, who will make himself a new body armed with knowledge received from rebellious angels, stolen from Almighty God and adulterated, and will attain immortality outside of Lord Jesus Christ, only to turn the world into hell on earth for good creation, and to bring so much evil into the world it will take thousand years to restore creation from the poisonous fruits of the evil man's deeds.

Thus, I think, may be in error, that most saints of God do not rebel against God. It is an act of great mercy of God that God does bring some rebellious children of men home in peace with Himself through Lord Jesus Christ, and thus Christians must not rebel against God, but show true obedience to God to the degree they can.