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if it so be that thy foredone special deeds will always press in thy remembrance betwixt thee and thy God, or any new thought or stirring of any sin either, thou shalt stalwartly step above them with a fervent stirring of love, and tread them down under thy feet.

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Both of these ways are wonderful responses to what the Fathers and Mothers called "Metanoia" (met-ahhh-kneee-ahhh). It means to return and its scripture picture is the Prodigal Son and the Father. The issue of repentance is all about returning. For some there will be tears, and for others, gails of laughter. Returning is the key. Throwing ourselves into the Father's arms, and the Holy One's cloud is what it is all about.

I love the Prodigal story, it is so hopeful.

The Father's response in the scriptures - to His Son's return - is that he has a fatted calf killed and throws a sumptuous party for "My son who was once dead, is now alive." And the son, full of a realization that he has strayed from his Dad says, "Father, I am no longer worthy to be called thy son, accept me instead as thy servant."

Thanks for sharing from your hearts. This study has been a fine one, and I appreciate the dialogue. I am only on-line about a week.