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if it so be that thy foredone special deeds will always press in thy remembrance betwixt thee and thy God, or any new thought or stirring of any sin either, thou shalt stalwartly step above them with a fervent stirring of love, and tread them down under thy feet.

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Unconditional Love - Maria

Dear Maria,

Confession of sins is a way of letting them go and I strongly encourage those who need it to use it. Sorrow is the "punishment" many have been conditioned to suffer to allow themselves to let go. Although not necessary, it is extremely helpful especially if one is raised in a heavy guilt oriented religion.

This is part of the functionality of the Chathloic confession booth. Some would argue a priest is not necessary to hear one's confession to release the self condemnation and I would have to agree. I have never found the necessity (for me) to have anyone around for my confession as I was speaking to God. I know this doesn't fit with what the nuns and priests tried to tell me, but it was my experiencial truth.

I "confess" or acknowledge my mistakes along the way in my moment to moment conversation with God. But to achieve the total union I even transcend bliss into an indescribable place of non-self and there is no spereration. Then I return through the bliss and down into knowing and entering the body again to create anew. It happens to the degree I let go. How I let go varies from time to time. I have found that confession is not necessary for me although a effective tool as well.

It does not matter how you get there only that you get there. If confession is one of your steps, run up those steps!

There is nowhere we can run but into the arms of God. He only awaits the opening of our eyes to that truth. As I awaken, I still blink alot (lol).

I think that if God has for you to learn how do do it without confession it will happen, so no I don't think you are missing anything.

Christ Love,