Have an Intimate Relationship with God

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This area was prompted by a request from V.Clark to ask everyone to build a relationship with God. This is the post:

Submitted by VClark37 on Wed, 2008-10-29 08:30.

"I would like for you to pray for people to have an intimate relationship with God. To submit yourself and tell your emotions, mind and flesh to sit down. God is in control and he loves us.
Trust him. Know him. Read his Word. Know that no matter what is happening in your life he turns the bad into good and the good into something even better. Go to your secret place and let him in.
I wish everyone one would just open up and have an intimate relationship and love him".


During these hard times.. do not turn away from God because of it; instead turn towards Him all the more.. in complete Trust and love. He will never abandon you. He will see you through this. Below feel free to add your prayers along with ours.

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