Uncontacted Tribes

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There are around 100 un-contacted primitive tribes. No one is allowed near them in Brazil. Are they totally lost to God? Is it our task to break the governments law to teach these tribes despite the risk of contaminating them with disease?

I say yes

Peter and John were once commanded by the governmental authority in Jerusalem to stop preaching in the name of Jesus. Here was there response: Acts 5:29

Civil disobedience is warranted when governments ask one to disobey God's will. If one is not normally a law abiding citizen, people will not notice the difference. But if you are ordinarily a law abiding citizen like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was, then the few times you disobey civil authority, people take notice, because it seems out of character. If people do not question their government when the government gets out of line, things will not change.

However, generally speaking, government exists to create order in society, so unless your convictions show you otherwise, I tend to follow the law and wear my seatbelt, pay taxes, etc. "Render unto Caesar what is his, and Render unto God what is his."

Also use wisdom. The purpose in this situation is to spread the gospel, not to rebel against the government. The Brazilian govt doesn't need to know what missionaries are sneaking in, but if they find out, I guess you have to deal with it and be ready for that possibility. The other question is are there any other means of which to get the gospel to them, without putting your lives in danger?

Grace be with you-